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Don't be shy.

Now is a good time to say hello

Social Proximity

Yote is an application built to facilitate and guide interaction in real space. You can use Yote wherever you are and the content is available only when you are there. We aim to reduce uncertainty and elevate expectations—to unlock social opportunities that were once hidden. Importantly: there are no likes. No popularity contests. No addiction to your activity feed. 

Our only requirement is that you have a wish to be friendly :) 

The name, Yote, pronounced, yo-tee, was inspired by the coyote; a clever pack animal.

Nearby Globes

Take a look around. See someone you want to talk to? If they've made a broadcast, you can click on it and learn something about them. If you like, you can invite them to chill or ask them a question in chat. Broadcasts only appear to those within range.


Yote Packs

You want to know which places are lively, right? Use the Packs map to see where there are groups of Yote users in realtime. You can also Tag the map with a special symbol that lets other users know what you're up to. 


Yote Teams

Team-up with whoever is around. There are no commitments. It's like an online game, but you can actually walk around and talk with the people you meet. 

If you are using Yote, you are choosing to interact with the people around you.