Integrated Ads

Gain and maintain access to your customers through expertly placed messages at events, locations, or city-wide.

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Custom Map Call-Out

The Yote Map is a users’ guide to virtually explore what’s around them wherever they’re at. Add a custom globe icon on the map starting at $100/month to call out your business and drive traffic.


Pin-Point Placement

Custom targeted ads can be assigned to a specific location, venue or event. Once within a pre-determined radius, your ad can be pushed directly to our users within the app. Cost per click and impression cost model applies.


Proximity Messaging

A proximity based notification can be sent when a user is within 200m of the beacon–– allows for Ad Partners to push custom messaging. Subscription starts at $50/month.


Customers at your Door

Yote Experiencepartners get new customers sent their way directly from the app. Once a user signs up for your offered experience (discount, promotion, etc), Yote AI matches users and sends them right to your doorstep. Even better? You only pay per new customer.

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